Smart technology

Ever since 2005, Condast is dedicated in consultancy and development of intelligent software solutions for industrial and laboratory equipment. Focal points are artificial intelligence, solutions for computational extensive data analysis and design of intelligent algorithms, for instance for data mining and predictive analysis. Our expertise combines the best of electronics and embedded systems with machine learning, serious gaming and user interaction. A combination of hands-on experience in embedded technology, OSGI and JAVA, C# .NET, NoSQL databases, project and R&D management allow us develop solutions for a wide range of markets that include industrial automation, robotics, instrumentation and finance. Condast is your partner in creating business value from technology intensive projects, both in research as commerce.


Condast offers a wide range of services, from embedded technology, Internet of Things to Big Data. Just a glance of the services we have provided thus far: Consultancy for High Tech startups Rapid prototyping in Robotics and Web Services Serious gaming We only like paper if it leads to something!

Intelligent Algorithms

Condast has extensive experience with cutting edge algorithms for search (SOLR/Nutch), AI (Tensorflow), and reasoners (OWL). Besides this, we have our own technology such as symbiotic networks, and smart heuristics


We have experience with both SQL as NoSQL (OrientDB, Mongo DB) databases, and other technology that is required to process Big Data.


We strongly believe in integrating research and development. Research helps us to stay up to date with the newest developments, but practical application is essential to embed theory into real world environments. Our 'slow scrum'approach helps us to innovate, while keeping a sharp eye on our customer's needs


Our focus is to transform new (and preferably wild) ideas into concrete applications. We know the tech, but we also know the practical, and often arduous work that is needed to make things that actually work. We gladly share our knowledge with you!


Condast has extensive experience in bringing instrumentation to the Web, or embedding computational intelligence. A number of projects are developed in-house, some with assistance of the open source community. These include Train Timetable Optimisation, Aieon-F and Saight. Besides this, Condast has been dedicated to open-source software development for almost a decade, participating amongst others in Project JXTA and Eclipse / Equinox. News 11 March 2017: Condast and its partners has been offered a grant to develop a demonstrator for a collision avoidance systems, using swarm algorithms. Projects that we successfully carried out include:


development of a matching application for the Eetmee foundation (, with Eclipse and Equinox OSGI


analysis of social media for criminal incidents, with Eclipse and Equinox OSGI


Consultancy on an architecture for a flight booking website based on NoSQL and Hadoop

Intelligent tooling

Intelligent tooling for geographical seabed survey, with Eclipse and C# .NET


Development of a user interface for electro-chemical measurements. With C# .NET


Educational technology for children in developing countries.

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Dr.Ir.Ing Kees Pieters

Dr.Ir.Ing. Kees Pieters

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