Train Schedule Optimisation

Welcome to Condast

Condast is a one-man company dedicated to advise and development of intelligent software solutions
Focal points are artificial intelligence, solutions for computational extensive data analysis and design of intelligent algorithms, for instance for data mining.

A combination of hands-on experience in JAVA and C# .NET, project management and R&D management expertise in areas that include industrial automation, robotics, instrumentation and finance, makes Condast your partner in technology intensive projects, both in research as commerce.

Projects that Condast has participated in include research into the application of software in new technology that is used for geographical seabed survey, using Eclipse/Equinox and .NET to analyse the collected data. Another project involved the development of a front-end application in .NET for electro-chemical measurements.

Besides this, Condast participates in educational technology for children in developement countries, and courses in embedded systems design.

A number of projects are developed in-house, some with assistance of the open source community. These include Train Timetable Optimisation, Aieon-F and Saight.

Besides this, Condast has been dedicated to open-source software development for almost a decade, participating amongst others in Project JXTA and Eclipse / Equinox.

Condast is therefore your partner in bringing instrumentation to the Web, or embedding computational intelligence in your devices.